Radio, what’s new?

On Wednesday, I was honoured to be the guest of Cheryl Morgan on the Ujima Radio Women’s Outlook show. Ujima is an urban community radio station in Bristol.

Cheryl’s star turn was Emma Newman, who came on to talk about faeries, her current writing, and just a little bit of politics. I appeared alongside Becca Lloyd, a fellow writer I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before, to discuss travelling. Obviously I’ve spent some time in Africa, but I’m thoroughly envious of Becca, who recently attended the Jaipur Literary Festival.

I was as terrified as one can be when stuffed to the eyeballs with cold and flu capsules, but Cheryl is a superb host, put us entirely at our ease, and made the whole experience really enjoyable. You can hear the show here:

RML 2466, don’t make me weep for thee

I was looking for a Christmas present for my sister. I’ve had it in my head for a long time to get her a diecast model of a no.22 or 14 Routemaster. These babies have been taking us up to town and back again our whole lives. Running for a bus that was stuck in traffic and leaping on a split second before it pulled away, the soft tut of the conductor who was duty-bound to disapprove (but until the last few years they were in service, wouldn’t say anything). Running to the front where you could sit and look out at the road, on the lower deck, almost next to the driver. Running up the narrow, but gracefully curved stairs to the top deck, or taking one of the seats near the platform, where you could feel the draft from the open exit and were more likely to get conversation. Love is not too strong a word.

Clicking through on links that came up in searches, I found this poignant image of the last stop of the last ever Routemaster on the 22 route.

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Hoppy New Year

All the best for 2010 to everyone. May it bring you much health, wealth and happiness, and not too much freak weather.

I’m intending to forget 2009 as best I can, as soon as possible, and put my best foot forward into the new decade. It’s easy to tell which foot that is: the one without the blue fibreglass armor.

For the benefit of anyone with a similar injury desperately googling for info, and anyone simply in need of a bit of broken-bone schadenfraude, details of my Lisfranc dislocation-fracture follow.

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xkcd makes sense to me (wtf?)

Some days, you keep clicking links and they lead you into a vortex of meaninglessness that you can escape only by mashing your head against the keyboard until it’s a respectable time to go and drink beer.

Other days you get serendipity. Following this link to a discussion about an xkcd comic on the search for intelligent life (here’s hoping SOMEONE writes the story about really slow-moving sentients using nanohertz-range modulation of a spectrally prominent carrier), led me to this comic (image behind theĀ cut, avoid if you disapprove of cursing…) cut

Eastercon Extravaganza

I’m back from Eastercon, and glad to report that any reservations about going to a con alone and rooming with a stranger were unfounded. I had a great time. I hung out with many lovely people, and may even have picked up some useful stuff from the programming.

I took notes at some of the panels and presentations, which I’ll summarise and post here if there’s anything worth sharing in them. But to borrow a meme from Melinda, here’s the basic round up of Things I Learned at Eastercon:

  • Stay at the con hotel if the other hotels are not within walking distance. Those buses are baaad news.
  • That said, leave the con hotel as often as possible and try to get some daylight.
  • Always sit near the door, especially in the panels that may touch on politicial issues.
  • Talk to people you don’t know, especially if you’ve never heard of them.

Things I would really like fellow attendees to have learned:

  • Do not speak if you haven’t been called on.
  • A panel is not a platform for you to yell at innocent bystanders about the evils of the State or your personal preference for Bejeweled over World of Warcraft, whilst preventing more interesting people from discussing the topic at hand.
  • This remains true even if you are on the panel.

Peculiarities of grief

Sunday = Mother’s Day. Get only slightly upset, at bedtime.

Monday, I am unable to get out of bed. Stay in bed until noon, spend afternoon dozing in the bath and reading horror stories. Forms go unfilled, emails unsent, writing unwritten. Today I’m only a little better and it’s taking a lot of tea and cake to keep me from going back to bed.

It’s the dreams. I dream about her, and I’m exhausted like I cried all night.

Failing to Write

I have a job interview today at noon. I have to try to remember how to do job interviews. I have to try to remember how to look like someone who works in an office. I have to try to remember how to look like someone who gives a flying f*** about working in an office. /sigh

After the job interview, I have my 3rd session with my new writing mentor. He’s trying to help me work out why I don’t write, despite having had 6 months without the burdens of working in an office. Let’s take yesterday as an example.

Tedious detail behind the cut

Catching up with Myself

Just a quick note to say that I was overtaken by events in the summer of 2007, which are actually very pertinent to the subject I was talking about at the time, but halted me in my blogging tracks.

In short: my life turned upside down and I’ve spent the last eighteen months or so learning how to walk on the ceiling.

I’m intending to pick this blog back up again, to the extent I can without internet access at home, and talk about some of the wider social psychology aspects of gaming, but more specifically to diarise work on design of an MMO: Working title ‘Apocalypso’, it’s a game set in a shattered future, where competition for resources and ideologies pits groups and individuals against one another in a struggle for survival.

I’ve been working on it with a couple of buddies for three months already so there’s a hell of a lot of ground to cover to catch up, but I’ll put my best foot forward (the right as it happens, as the left ankle is wrecked) and try to document the whole process.