Writeathon and other ostrich eggs

It’s Saturday. Which means that we are just about at the end of week 1 of Clarion West, and of the writeathon. Arrgh (and not in a piratical way).

Hands up if you don’t know about the writethon, all you people, see me after class.

For those that know – yes I signed up, and far more unlikelylily I have actually done something towards my goals. I am not on target though, and haven’t raised a penny. 

Work has exploded in the past couple of weeks, and I suddenly need to be everywhere at once at all times of day. I am doing four cities a week, working on seven applications and supporting people who work shifts – so that’s ostrich egg the first – my jaws are unhinged and it’s most of the way in.

Secondly, the writeathon. My goals are listed at my writeathon profile page, but key among them is that I am offering to critique work in return for donations. Contrubutions can be as big or small as you can afford and in accordance with what you think the critique is worth. I will return the work within seven days as long as it’s less than 10k words.

Third egg would be the grief, but I’m not going to talk about that today. The sun’s shining and I have much to do.