I’m packing for my trip to America. Somehow the 30th has popped up well in advance of expectation, like a guest who arrives while you’re still chopping the vegetables for dinner. Not unwelcome, but making you feel a bit flustered.

To make matters worse I have to work in Birmingham tomorrow and Tuesday, I have about 4 days worth of work to do in that time, and Tuesday night is my neice’s birthday. I’m going to the airport straight from work on Wednesday. So I not only have to pack tonight, I have to try and work out what on earth to wear on Wednesday that will do me for the office *and* be useful on a tour of the NW states… and what I’m going to do with my work laptop, office shoes etc. They are moving offices while I’m away, and because of Birmingham, I won’t be able to bring that stuff home.

OK so that’s the pre-America hassle. I haven’t had a chance to do ANY planning; what happens when I get there is a big wide-open mystery… which would be fine if I hadn’t incurred so many expenses this month that I have zero cash left. Can’t claim them back until the end of the month. Upshot: America on a shoestring.

I’m still really looking forward to it.


I’m on my way to Northwich, and I’m experimenting with lj mobile. I figure I should try to get to grips with this since I can’t lj the normal way when I’m on the road (or tracks).

I still hate typing on the phone. But needs must.

I wanted to say something extra today, because it’s the anniversary of 07/07, which makes it, of course, a day of remembrance. I remember Colin Morley. It sucks that he’s dead. I can’t work out hyperlinks on this, so here’s the clicky on Colin.

It Shouldn’t Look Like THAT, Surely?

Beginning of week three of the Writeathon. I do’t think anyone has sponsored me, but then I haven’t sponsored them either. I am a week late filing my invoice to thebank. It took me 4 hours to do my expenses for June, thanks to the world’s most inefficient submission system (not mine, the bank’s) and a list of expenses as long as your arm and then your leg on the end of that.

So that’s where my time goes. Taking trains and then filling out appalingly badly designed e-formsĀ about having taken trains.

This weekend I got a break. Well, not quite. I went to Guilfest, a most excellent musical festival, quite small but friendly and eclectic. Unfortunately I went down on my ankle on Friday night, in the bloody carpark, before I’d even got to the entrance. The muppet had to come and assist me, which, as he has one arm in a sling himself, made the security stewards titter more than was strictly sympathetic. Five hours in A&E just to tell me it wasn’t fractured – “But’s it’s a really bad sprain” the doctor said, with some glee.

Anyway I should be in Northwich already but I spent today working from home and nursing my ankle, which is twice the size of its partner and an appealing blue-green colour with dark purple streaks where the blood has settled. I’ll be hopping off to catch my train in a few minutes, and then I’ll be offline for a few more days.

As for the write-a-thon, I’ve acheived 2/5 goals so far – I finished crits outstanding and I edited ‘Dhukka’. I haven’t done any show-me-the-money crits because I haven’t been sent any – come on people! I’ll match your donation, how about that…? And I haven’t edited ‘The Man in the Water’ because the ending still won’t come, and well, time has been tight. I’m going to skip it and go straight to ‘Feeling the Burn’, which should be easier as I don’t need to take it too seriously.