Eastercon Extravaganza

I’m back from Eastercon, and glad to report that any reservations about going to a con alone and rooming with a stranger were unfounded. I had a great time. I hung out with many lovely people, and may even have picked up some useful stuff from the programming.

I took notes at some of the panels and presentations, which I’ll summarise and post here if there’s anything worth sharing in them. But to borrow a meme from Melinda, here’s the basic round up of Things I Learned at Eastercon:

  • Stay at the con hotel if the other hotels are not within walking distance. Those buses are baaad news.
  • That said, leave the con hotel as often as possible and try to get some daylight.
  • Always sit near the door, especially in the panels that may touch on politicial issues.
  • Talk to people you don’t know, especially if you’ve never heard of them.

Things I would really like fellow attendees to have learned:

  • Do not speak if you haven’t been called on.
  • A panel is not a platform for you to yell at innocent bystanders about the evils of the State or your personal preference for Bejeweled over World of Warcraft, whilst preventing more interesting people from discussing the topic at hand.
  • This remains true even if you are on the panel.