Write-a-Thon: Chapter Two is dust-free.

I can report that Chapter Two (The Scrawl, 12,800 words) is sorted, nailed, done and dusted.

Special thanks go to my friend Pamela Budge, who’s the only person so far to call in a read of Chapter One. If any of you want to sample Chapter Two, just let me know. Lie convincingly (which as ficition writers most of you should be adept at) and you won’t even have to read it to earn $5 for Clarion West!

Here’s a taster:

On the ledge above Barton Underway, where three narrow passages meet the stairs down from the square, she pauses for a moment and looks up. She has heard the hum of the engine, just a little closer than it should be. A jutting section of cliff shades this spot from the lighthouse beams, and the sun has gone, so when the airship slides into view the only light comes from its three blue-tinted spots, which pin the target down, dazzled. I chuckle.

– You’re cruel, Mal.

– How can I be cruel if I’m not human, Harry?

Tally: $13

Write-a-Thon: Chapter the Second

Chapter Two is entitled ‘The Scrawl’. This is the chapter in which Shelley is drawn into the activities of Underground salon Alien Rockstars, meets a chap, takes the purple pill and gets into a battle. Lots of firsts for her.

It’s due for delivery on Monday 29th June.

Mither me to get it done on time and I’ll donate a buck to Clarion West, mither me if I’m already late and the figure goes up, read it (no critique necessary so it’s Scout’s Honour) and I’ll donate $5.

Tally: $11

Write-a-Thon: Chapter One, Gone

Phew! Chapter 1, which is the one where my protag, Shelley, starts to fall over her two goody shoes and get mixed up in things she didn’t oughter, is done, gone, O-U-T out.

I cut it from 15,000 to 13,000 words, approx (my target was 10,000, but feh), removed three scenes, wrote two new ones, and substantially rewrote about half the rest. I’m absolutely nuked.

Tally: $6. Not looking so great huh. It should bump a bit when I get reads for Chapter 1, but I’m really hoping to get more naggers for Chapter 2.

And they’re off! Write-a-Thon is GO!

As you know, Bob, today is the first day of the Clarion West Write-a-Thon.

My goal is to complete edits on my novel and circulate one chapter every four days.

I know few people have cash to spare these days (and let’s face it, almost all my friends on LJ are ex-CW or close to the workshop in some way, and seeking sponsors of your own), so rather than ask for sponsorship, I will donate $1 per person per chapter for people to nag me to get it done on time (increasing if I fail), and $5 if you read it. Critiques are optional.

Support an amazing insitution, without spending a penny!

If you are looking for somewhere to throw money, though, I won’t argue. You can donate here.

Here’s how it works: I will make posts on LJ and Facebook for each chapter in advance of its due-date. You can then poke, prod, nag, yell or threaten me until I release the chapter. If I go over the due date, I will add an extra $1 per person for every day I’m late – as long as you keep on at me. Nagging can be done any way you like; text, email, phone, PM, MSN, FB, hand-delivered letters scrawled in green ink… And if you read it I’ll add another $5 per chapter – just make sure I’ve got your email address. I’ll publish a running tally.

I’m flat broke, flatter-than-Flat Stanley broke, so this should be a great incentive. Here’s to Clarion West, long may she reign.