Clarion West Write-a-Thon, Chapters 4 & 5 done

Those of you with energy and alertness to notice details only relevant to other people (I know such people exist despite never having been one of them) may note that I never posted a ‘done’ post for Chapter 4 or a ‘due’ post for Chapter 5. You may also note that I’ve been quiet a looong time and am now considerably (woefully, agonisingly) behind.

Chapter 4 did go out, 3 days late or so, and Chapter 5 is done today, just, um, let me work this out, 11 days late.

Excuses? Nothing worth your time.

Chapter 6 was due on the 15th, meaning that nags, bothers and kicks-up-the-bum for Ch 6 are already worth $7 a go.

Chapter 5 is a 20k monster, so reads for Ch 5 will earn the Write-a-Thon $10.

Tally: $60

Write-a-Thon: Chapter Three out, come in Chapter Four…

My first missed deadline was Friday. I hang my head in shame. However, the good news is that my desperate whining produced some extra encouragement and a bump in my pledges to the Write-a-Thon.

Chapter Three is now out the door – as ever, please let me know if you have time to read this, or any earlier chapters. Each chapter read earns $5 for Clarion West, and Chapter Three earns a triple-shot venti $15.

Once again I’ve had to push a section of this chapter over into the next chapter, for reasons of length and weight. It looks like I’m going to wind up with more than ten chapters, unless I can start cutting the text harder than I’m managing at the moment.

Chapter Four is due on Tuesday 7th July. This is now the chapter in which Shelley storms the Majestic Hotel, is implanted with Underground technology, and has to make a decison about where her loyalties really lie.

Tally: $41

Write-a-Thon: The Third Chapter

Hi all.

I should have made this post yesterday. I’m not sure what happened to yesterday.

Chapter Three of Moss & Feathers falls due on Friday, which is July 3rd for those people who love actual dates.

Unfortunately, due to family commitments on Friday, I really need to have it done for tomorrow. I say ‘unfortunately’ because I’ve only tinkered around the edges so far, it’s the biggest chapter of the book anyway, plus I shunted the action-esque scene from the end of Chapter 2 into it because it really felt like Ch. 2 was getting unwieldy and a break was needed.

And I don’t want to do it. For the first time in a few weeks, my book-energy is at zero. My back hurts, my hands hurt, and the characters have abruptly stopped talking to me. It’s like I’ve made some terrible faux-pas, something worse than farting in a lift, but they’re not telling me what the problem is. In the last ten days I’ve been through employment despair, relationship rows and my dad being hospitalised with a collapsed lung, and not had the slightest problem picking the book up. Why does this happen?!


Tally a measly $14. Help me out, here! For this chapter I will triple all donations.