Shout-out: Ack-Ack Macaque Launch

Gareth L. Powell’s hotly anticipated monkey book was finally launched on Wednesday at Forbidden Planet in London. Apparently it was brilliant, and he read very entertainingly. So I was pretty grumpsed to discover that he was not reading on Saturday in Bristol, just signing. Still, it was great to see him and the rest of the Bristol SFF crew, and I’ve got my copy of Ack-Ack Macaque, so that’s my Christmas adventure sorted.

Bad Monkey + Fairies = ?

This week sees the launch of Gareth L. Powell’s hotly anticipated monkey trouble novel, Ack-Ack Macaque. Gareth will be doing readings at Forbidden Planet in London on Weds 12th December, and at FP in Bristol on 15th December. Drop in if you can – Gareth is getting rather good at this public speaking malarkey, and the monkey is a hoot (though you might want to wear something sturdy. And washable.) More details of the launch events are here.

Also on the 15th in Bristol is a fairy-themed reading event: Fairies at the Bottom of the Market, which features fair folk Scott Lewis, Joanne Hall and Emma Newman reading fae-related stories. Any proceeds from the event go to Above and Beyond, the same charity we supported with the Colinthology.

This one takes place at Lunartique in St. Nicholas Market at 14:30, so you can do this one AND the moneky. Hurrah! Pass me a pistol, a bottle of Scotch and a really thick book for flattening fairies in.

RML 2466, don’t make me weep for thee

I was looking for a Christmas present for my sister. I’ve had it in my head for a long time to get her a diecast model of a no.22 or 14 Routemaster. These babies have been taking us up to town and back again our whole lives. Running for a bus that was stuck in traffic and leaping on a split second before it pulled away, the soft tut of the conductor who was duty-bound to disapprove (but until the last few years they were in service, wouldn’t say anything). Running to the front where you could sit and look out at the road, on the lower deck, almost next to the driver. Running up the narrow, but gracefully curved stairs to the top deck, or taking one of the seats near the platform, where you could feel the draft from the open exit and were more likely to get conversation. Love is not too strong a word.

Clicking through on links that came up in searches, I found this poignant image of the last stop of the last ever Routemaster on the 22 route.

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Now that NaNoWriMo is out of the way (I ‘won’, by the skin of my teeth, with 50,073 words at close of play) it’s time to catch up on blog posts.

Cover art by Andy Bigwood

The Colinthology is something I should have been blogging about non-stop for the past eight or ten weeks, because it’s my job as editor, and because it’s very cool, and it’s all for charidee.



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