Shout-out: Bloodchildren launched!

On Tuesday 22nd January, Book View Cafe launched Bloodchildren, an anthology of stories by each of the Octavia E Butler scholarship students. As I mentioned before Christmas, it is edited by Nisi Shawl, and contains a story by my delicious Clarion West classmate Christopher Caldwell.

I’ve just finished reading it, and I do have to urge you to read it if you can. There is some powerful writing here. Chris’ story, “My Love Will Never Die” was workshopped at Clarion West and I have always loved it for the way it starts off refreshingly sweet and then… changes, like a pint of Guinness as you approach the dregs at the bottom of the glass.

“Dancing in the Shadow of the Once” is a scathing critique of minority culture as entertainment, yet told beautifully without rancour. Another highlight for me was “Legendaire”, although I think I will need to read it another time or two before I quite understand it, as it’s a sinuous tale, not easy to grasp. Finally I want to tip my hat to both Indra and Lisa for their stories, both of which have the confidence and strength of long-time pro writers, and you would never guess that they were last year’s workshop graduates.

You can buy it (e-book only) until June 22nd from

The table of contents is:

Introduction by Nalo Hopkinson

Before Conception
“Speech Sounds” by Octavia E. Butler
“Octavia Estelle Butler” by Vonda N. McIntyre

“My Love Will Never Die” by Christopher Caldwell
“Falling into the Earth” by Shweta Narayan

“Free Bird” by Caren Gussoff
“Impulse” by Mary Burroughs

“Dancing in the Shadow of the Once” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

“Légendaire.” by Kai Ashante Wilson
“Steal the Sky” by Erik Owomoyela

“/sit” by Jeremy Sim
“Re: Christmas, Bainbridge Island” by Dennis Y. Ginoza

“The Runner of n-Vamana” by Indrapramit Das
“The Salt Water African” by Lisa Bolekaja