We Will Publish – Join Us!

A couple of days ago, fellow writer and Bristol SF clan member Pete Sutton announced on Twitter that he was going to write, and submit, a story every month in 2014. Working on the stories would, as an added bonus, serve as warm-up sessions for writing a novel.

I immediately shouted ME TOO ME TOO and boarded that bandwagon with my cutlass between my teeth.

We bandied around the notion of punishment vs reward. I realised that I’m pretty much a ‘stick’ person (insert joeks here); I work best my shaming myself into doing it, so this project – public goals and all – is probably enough motivation in itself. Pete’s a ‘carrot’ person though. We decided that, if we could get enough people on board to ensure a decent pool of stories (after all, some of them hopefully will be sold), we’d do an anthology in 2015.

Peer review of each story is optional; I will pledge to crit every story sent in to the group.

In quick succession we hooked a few more writers, and the roster currently looks like this:

Pete Sutton (@suttope)
Roz Clarke (@zora_db)
Jon Allison (@joncallison)
Ian Millsted
Christopher Caldwell (@seraph76)
Derek Zumsteg (@milhous)
Stephen Blake (@uncannyblake)
Piotr Swietlik

More people would be very welcome! We realise that it’s pretty late in January, but if you want to join, don’t be put off – a story you’ve already written but haven’t submitted to market yet would do, or scramble something together quickly, or just skip January and carry on. You get a free pass – just this once, mind!

Whatever happens, at least one of the stories you write will see print, and hopefully many more.


Shout-Out – BSFA Nominations List

BristolCon’s 2012 GoH Gareth L. Powell has been listed for Best Novel for Ack-Ack Macaque, and he’s up against our 2014 GoH Emma Newman, with Between Two Thorns, and 2009 GoH Alistair Reynolds with On the Steel Breeze

One of the stories from Newcon Press’ anthology Looking Landwards, launched at BristolCon in 2013, has a Short Fiction listing: Charlie’s Ant, by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Andy Bigwood, BristolCon’s Art Show Wrangler and cover artist for both Colinthology and our forthcoming book Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion, have been listed for the BSFA award for Best Artwork, for the cover of Geoff Nelder’s Aria: Returning Left Luggage.

Emma Newman also has an entry for her podcast, Tea and Jeopardy.

You can get the full list of entries so far here, and they’re open for one more week.