People without willies riding bicycles, who knew?

I found out just now that while all the hoohah about the Tour de France has been claiming my attention, people with hoohoos have been cycling around Italy in the gloriously named ‘Giro Rosa’.

It’s the last fucking day of the race.

I’m an actual fan of women’s pro cycling, and yet this completely passed me by. I’m mad at myself for not keeping better track, but I’m also mad at the UCI and the media and my fellow cycling fans. Women’s cycling has had a bumpy ride over the years. Women’s Tours de France have been on and off and on and off – off since 2009 as audiences had been shrinking – and all the time with next to zero media coverage.

The UCI doesn’t let women ride races anywhere near as long as the men’s (the Giro Rosa is currently the longest at 10 days), so the spectacle is less, the money isn’t enough for many people to go pro in the first place, and then fans complain that the women aren’t as tough or as skilled as the blokes.

It’s a vicious circle. I don’t know how we get out of it, but I’ve bookmarked and I’m going to try to keep in touch with the women’s events a bit more closely from now on. I’ve also re-upped my personal campaign to get decent coverage on TV and radio, by starting a petition on, directed at the BBC’s sports director Barbara Slater. I’ll be tacking other organisations in other ways.