WordPunk launched (softly, softly) and Stories for Chip released

WordPunk, the new incarnation of the audio fiction magazine Dark Matters, is now live online. Episode 17, the first under the new branding, contains 4 short stories, one of which is my own ‘Offerings’. It’s a soft launch; updates to the website are not 100% complete; but the stories are there and you can hear them for absolutely nuffink, free gratis.
The official release of Stories for Chip happened last week, with a reading in Seattle. Sadly no wormhole opened up to deliver me to the University Bookstore. I’d have given a lot to be there, but transatlantic flights are about as likely for me as wormholes, on my current budget! Looks like it went really well, and the book is garnering some great reviews. There are some links on the Rosarium Publishing facebook page.

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