About Me

Roz Clarke was born in Manchester to Liverpudlian parents, and raised in London from the age of four, before returning to Manchester to study psychology. Her accent is therefore a confused muddle, and her outlook on life is a similar fusion of North and South. She particularly likes pie and chips, washed down with Earl Grey.

For the last five years she has divided her time between London and Bristol (they do gert lush pies in Bristol.) She has been a member of the BristolCon organising committee since the con was invented, back in 2009.

Prior to leaving Manchester, she acquired an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University, and was an active member of the venerable Monday Night Group, setting up and co-editing a magazine publishing the group’s work, Pipeline, for four issues. She survived Clarion West in 2007. She has had stories published in magazines including Black Static and anthologies including Colin Harvey’s Dark Spires. 

Alongside parter in crime Joanne Hall, Roz is the editor of two short fiction anthologies: Colinthology, an anthology of stories published in Colin Harvey’s memory and raising funds for the Bristol hospital charity Above and Beyond, and Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion, a steampunk anthology.

She is often consumed by brief obsessions, the most recent of which is pro-cycling. The ones that just won’t go away include science fiction, fantasy, storytelling in video games, the socio-psychology of gaming, sustainability and climate change (that one’s not going away for any of us, huh.)

Roz is a database design expert, analyst programmer, IT consultant and project manager, with additional experience in technical writing. She has contracted in banking and higher education since 2008, and is currently available as a freelance writer and editor.