Since its inception in 2009, I have been a member of the organising committee for BristolCon. It’s a small, friendly con, which has grown from an afternoon with a single programme stream and 50 attendees, to a 1-day con with 2 programme streams, ‘meet the author’ sessions, book launch events, music and more… We had over 300┬ápeople through the door in 2015, and it seems likely we’ll keep growing, although we are thinking hard about how to preserve the friendly, intimate atmosphere we currently have.

It really is a brilliant convention, and I can say that without being immodest, as my own contribution is just a tiny part of what it takes to make BristolCon happen each year.

If you have any queries ideas about what you’d like to see at BristolCon, get in touch with us on Twitter (@bristolcon) or via the email addresses on the website.