Fight Like A Girl, ed. with Joanne Hall, Kristell Ink, April 2016, includes the story Sword-Dancer of Azmai

Offerings, WordPunk Audio Fiction, August 2015

Haunt-Type Experience, Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R Delany, ed. Nisi Shawl and Bill Campbell, Rosarium Publishing, August 2015

The Noon Train, North by Southwest, ed. Joanne Hall, Tangent Books, Mar 2015

Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion, ed. with Joanne Hall, Mar 2014

Colinthology, ed. with Joanne Hall, Oct 2012, includes the story Made Things

TemeraireThe Sixty, ed. Andy Bigwood, Immanion Press, Apr 2011

Last Flight to West BayDark Spires, ed. Colin Harvey, Wizard’s Tower Press, Nov 2010

Haunt-Type Experience, Black Static #9, TTA Press, Feb 2009

Constance and the Angel (excerpt from Moss and Feathers), MUSE V, 2007

Dukkha, Pipeline Magazine, 2007

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