Jo and I talk Airships with Cheryl on Ujima Radio

Cheryl has posted a link to a download of yesterday’s Women’s Outlook show, on which she and Paulette talked to various luminaries about women in the media before Jo and I invaded the studio to talk about¬†Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion,¬†and why steampunk and Bristol are such a perfectly engineered match.

Radio, what’s new?

On Wednesday, I was honoured to be the guest of Cheryl Morgan on the Ujima Radio Women’s Outlook show. Ujima is an urban community radio station in Bristol.

Cheryl’s star turn was Emma Newman, who came on to talk about faeries, her current writing, and just a little bit of politics. I appeared alongside Becca Lloyd, a fellow writer I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting before, to discuss travelling. Obviously I’ve spent some time in Africa, but I’m thoroughly envious of Becca, who recently attended the Jaipur Literary Festival.

I was as terrified as one can be when stuffed to the eyeballs with cold and flu capsules, but Cheryl is a superb host, put us entirely at our ease, and made the whole experience really enjoyable. You can hear the show here: